About Me

“My passion? Build bridges and help others achieve their goals.”

Aware businesswoman and mother of three, her clients find her a common denominator: “Leader of influence who manages to bring out the best version of others and catalyze their branding by optimizing their various actions”.

It thus brings them to impact their audience powerfully through an image management methodology of its own.

Trained by image management and organizational culture management schools in France and the USA, Shalee-Fa is passed by well known coaches and mentors for their excellence in their field like Tony Robbins, Gerry Roberts and several other “web-preneurial” experts.

She is extending its range of image, reputation (included E-reputation) management, to 3 areas of which she has perfect expertise:
Recruitment, Entrepreneurship and Career Management that she revisits differently through her image and reputation management methodology: LeanME.

Entrepreneurial Coach

Entrepreneurial Coach

“We buy the entrepreneur first before buying his product / service!”

Dare the modern entrepreneur!

Be the reference into your industry, build your brand awareness with uniqueness, and design a 360-degree branding, using a number of strategies including personal and professional brand management, inbound marketing and blueprint (or e- reputation) management!

With LEAN ME, finally combine Entrepreneurship and Success! Wake up and blow up the successful, passionate and determined entrepreneur.



Packaging your success with your personal and professional brand

“Making your difference a strength, is the key to success!”

Serial Entrepreneur and globe-trotter, atypical, she aligns her passions and interests to meet the needs of her environment.

Kapital H, recruitment 4.0

Much more than a recruitment firm.

“An organization is the chemistry of all the individuals into it and not its sum!”

Activate your employer branding | Accelerate your career.

Institut imaje & Imaje 360 – Consulting and training.

Because an image is worth a thousand words

“The reputation exists! Whether desired or not; but it must not go beyond you!”

Impact with authenticity.



The methodology of authentic branding and reputation management (LeanME) ready-to-go!


This book will provide answers and solutions to those who want to break the cycle of failures and appeal to success in their personal and professional life and in their business. They will find the power of self-presentation to convince, direct and control the perceptions of the right people and bring them to their advantage. It is a powerful system for calling the good things to them.




Le club MEQ est un réseau de femmes d’affaires du Québec qui regroupe toutes des mères en affaires et s’assurer que chacune des membres actives vive ses ambitions entrepreneuriales tout en comblant son rôle de mère.

Club maman entrepreneure



“As a senior professional working on continuously developing and growing my professional brand, I found many answers to my questions by seeking advice from Shalee-Fa. Our exchanges for the last year, has helped me redefine the way I see myself in a competitive market, and enhance how people around me perceive my added value.”


“Are you looking for improving your personal and professional brand, your reputation in the workplace? Then it is time for you to know how you want to set up some goals to reach your audience? Shalee-Fa can help you redefine your image and your position within a competitive market.”


“Shalee-Fa, always surprised me and inspired by her ability to bounce back and see in each situation the favorable angle that some can not glimpse. Her positive and enthusiastic vision, both in her life and the people she meets, reflect a mirror of their abilities and strengths.”